About KV

Kendriya Vidyalaya Godhra came into existence on 11 Dec 2006 under the Supervision & Chairmanship of Collector & D. M. Godhra ( PanchMahal) Mr. BrahmBhatt D. H. I.A.S.
The school Session begins from 1April 2007 under the guidance of Incharge Principal Mr. M.S. Yadav. School  has been started in the civil Sector in the interest of the words of the parents of the concerned locality. At present the school has classes from I to V with the total strength of  109 students.
The Vidyalaya is running in a temporary building of Municipal Hospital Godhra.Finalization of the land for the permanent School building was under process.
The Chairman of the School under whose guidance the school is flourishing is Collector & D.M. (PanchMahal) Godhra. The Nominee Chairman of the school is RDC ( PanchMahal ) Godhra. The first Principal of the school is Mr. Mahendra Pal who joined the school on 19-06-2007.
K.V.Godhra’s mission is to provide a strong academic foundation in a safe and  orderly learning environment so that the students may develop and realize their fullest potential in various fields. For this purpose the Vidyalaya maintains and provides opportunity for every student to experience success.
The school is gaining popularity and is being accepted as one of the premier school of Godhra.

A brief description about how the KV has progressed since its inception along with the following details:-

(I)      Date of Opening of the K.V. :-   11-12-2006 and started on  01-04-2007

(II)     KV Code :- 2085 Station Code- 616

(III) Highest class and the number of sections sanctioned for each class.:- Xth 
(IV)       Sector (Civil/Defence/Project/I.H.L.) :-   CIVIL
(V)       District :-       GODHRA, PANCHMAHAL

(VI)       State/U.T. :-   GUJARAT

(VII)      CBSE Affiliation No. :- 400044

(VIII) CBSE School Code :- 13127

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S.N. Features (Provide link with each of the entries underneath to give more insight )
The genesis of the K.V.
Important milestones of growth
Gradual year wise expansion in classes and sections leading to present status Year 2007-08 opened and Upto class V, Year 2008-09 One Class Increase, Year 2009-10 One Class Increase present status of Class X each class has one Section.
Details of previous and new campus-if applicable-with photos (preferable) School is  Running in temporary Building
Facilities available including games and sports facilities Indoor Games Facilities for students