Scouts and Guides & NCC/ NSS

Scouting is a movement for youth, evolving and adapting every where according to local conditions, serving according to local needs. There are recognized scout organization and branches in more than 216 countries. It was given birth by Lord Baden Powel. Today there are more than 28 million scouts young people and female in 216 countries. As scouting is voluntary movement so scouts and leaders must choose to join scouting. The aim of Education is to provide ideal citizen to country in such situation scouting plays a vital roll. In our Vidyalaya we have two basic trainers of scout and guide who runs this small unit very smoothly there are 25 scouts and 14 guides and 19 cubes and 12 bulbuls in our school. We are trying our level best to run this unit and we run it during the MPT period on every Wednesday.