Game and Sports

Sports is a World which arises the feeling of competition , Leadership,Sportsmanship and feeling of winning the game.

There are many benefits of sports. for good health games and sports are more important as there are two types of Games Indoor & Outdoor. As School have sufficient infrastructure so according to that the students have been provided sports practice according to the age level of students teachers make them to play different games in games period.

Last year in Sports Competition students of our vidyalaya participated in various games at cluster level at Baroda and Surat. In which Sheth Hemal of our school was selected for regional level sports meet (Kho-Kho). In the same in common minimum programe which was organized at Baroda primary students participated in Kho-Kho and Lemon spoon competition, in that Km.Shristi Pal of class IV won second prize in Lemon Spoon competition.